Shrinking Southwest Park Land

For years Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition and residents advocated that 61 Jackson Street, Block 14, be part of SW6, a SW, contiguous 6-acre park. Many residents thought it offered the perfect area for a much needed southwest dog park to anchor the main park. That was one of several ideas of how Block 14 could be incorporated into the park area. But back in May 2009, HSPC became very concerned when non-park development proceeded on Block 14. Last week the Hoboken Zoning Board voted 6-1 to approve variances for the development on Block 14 which is now designated to be a restaurant.

While HSPC was advocating that this block be part of the SW6 Park, Mayoral Candidate Dawn Zimmer had other plans. When the construction on Block 14 began in 2009, it was immediately followed by Zimmer’s press release, “Southwest Park Update from Mayoral Candidate Dawn Zimmer” in which she advocated for a steakhouse:

“As many of you may have heard, the property owner of Block 14 is building a steakhouse on his property in Southwest Hoboken. This land is a small part of the total property identified in the Master Plan as parkland for a large park in our neighborhood.”

“I do believe the steakhouse will provide a needed amenity in our neighborhood, since we barely have any restaurants in the 4th Ward. Hopefully we will be able to close Jackson Street for at least part of the day as part of an overall park plan, and this restaurant will provide “eyes on the future park” that will help ensure a safer park with more people around and watching. (The restaurant plans to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner).”

To see more about HSPC’s efforts for a 6-acre SW park, read the earlier article on Block 14 and HSPC’s efforts at Hoboken411.

For more information about the SW6 park concept titled “SW6: A Greener, Greater Hoboken” please download a copy of the report from <a href=”″>this page.

$3M In County Funding For SW Park Still A Possibility

SW Hoboken still has a chance of receiving $3M in County Grant Funding

The City of Hoboken is requesting that the county re-program the $3 Mil, originally earmarked for the Henkel-Cognis site, for SW park land acquisition.

This is pending the approval of the Hudson County Board of Freeholders who will hold their meeting in August.