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  • Hoboken is suffering from a severe open space deficit. The national average is 6.25-10.5 acres per 1000 residents. NYC has 2.5 park acres per 1000 and Hoboken only has 0.78 park acres. The time to build more real parks in Hoboken is now!
  • The only way to get a park in your neighborhood is to fight the Hoboken City Council for it. Why fight? If the residents hadn’t fought for Pier A, right now there would be 33-story towers in its place instead of a beautiful park overlooking NYC.
  • Unfortunately the City Council only listens and acts proactively to a legal voice.For that reason HSPC has hired Michael S Rubin, an attorney with extensive experience in zoning and land use law.
  • The City Council’s redevelopment plan means “condominiums with a strip of landscaping”. While the owners of these condominiums enjoy tax abatements, you the residents pay higher taxes to fill the gap.
  • Donations help get the message out through legal action and advertising campaigns.

WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?Your donation helps cover the costs of the attorney, the professional planner, and advertising & marketing fees.HOW TO DONATE?Making a donation is very easy:

  1. Write a check payable to Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition or HSPC.
  2. Mail the check to Nishant Amin, Treasurer of HSPC, 700 1st Street, Apt 9G, Hoboken, NJ, 07030.

HSPC is a Non-Profit Corporation with a 501c4 status. We are currently working on the process of qualifying under a 501c3 status.

This should allow the contributions to be tax-deductible.

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