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Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition is a group of residents dedicated to creating a contiguous 6+ acre park in the southwest area of Hoboken to service the recreational needs of all ages. We support smart development which encompasses a balance for residential needs, businesses and recreational parks and open space. We want to make our neighborhood a better place to live and play for everyone.

A Little History:

Back in October 2003, Sara Stojkovic, a 4th Ward parent, met with Mayor Dave Roberts and urged him to renovate Madison Street Park, to provide a much needed playground for the students at Connors and the other children living in the 4th Ward. Working with elected officials for four years, it took much longer than Stojkovic anticipated to fix the troubled Madison Street Park, but the new playground finally opened in 2007, and today it is one of the most popular playgrounds in town.

In December 2004, before the completion of Madison Street Park, Stojkovic decided it was time to get a “park group” going in her SW neighborhood of the 4th Ward to focus solely on creating a 6-acre park as designated in the Hoboken Master Plan. Stojkovic started reaching out to her 4th ward neighbors in the new condo buildings and by March 2005, Gresham Lang, Lee Anne Milhiser, Mike Rosenblum, and Sara Stojkovic, officially named the group Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition. HSPC went on to organize the 4th Ward Meeting in August 2005 which brought in elected officials to discuss the community problems in SW Hoboken but especially the lack of open space and the need to renovate Madison Street Park, and the need for a 6-acre multi-purpose park.

In January 2006, Nishant Amin, a Sky Club resident and parent of two very young boys, was eager to join HSPC and take on the duties as the first and only treasurer for HSPC. Six months later, Christopher Gizzi, another 4th Ward neighbor, joined HSPC and brought with him a wealth of information and dedication to creating and maintaining the HSPC website along with his passion to see the SW park become a reality.

HSPC was formally organized, instituting an Executive (voting) Board, an Advisory Board, and a set of by-laws in May 2007. Several months later, all board members helped in the creation of SW6, A Greener, Greater Hoboken.

Today HSPC’s Board is comprised of 8 board members, 6 of who reside in the SW neighborhood of the 4th Ward, however, HSPC’s support comes from residents all over Hoboken, across every ward, who know that Hoboken needs the SW 6-acre park.

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