Autumn 2010 Update

Dear Neighbor,

As the year comes to a close, we regret to report no progress has been made on the development or acquisition of parkland in Southwest Hoboken. Six years is too long for the City to do nothing but talk about building a park. By now, significant progress should have been made and we share your frustration.

However, we are now again at a critical moment to ensure creative and sound development in Southwest Hoboken including flood mitigation and a 6-acre park. The current administration says it will soon unveil the latest redevelopment study. Now is the time to contact our elected officials to demand they fulfill their years of promises to the residents of the 4th Ward.

In the Fall of 2007, the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition unveiled SW6: A Greener, Greater Hoboken. It’s a plan, a roadmap really, to assist our elected officials in creating the redevelopment plan for the Southwest. You can download our 60-page plan and read a full history of HSPC’s work for a park at

What does the City need to do now?

  • Finish the SW Redevelopment Study which is years overdue
  • Re-route Paterson Avenue as promised in the Hoboken Master Plan
  • Negotiate for parkland acquisition as promised by elected officials almost three years ago
  • Research and aggressively seek out alternative funding sources for land acquisition and the development of the park
  • Be innovative and think outside of the box instead of following the same recipe that has proven to be disastrous for Hoboken’s open space needs
  • Use Hoboken’s Open Space Trust Fund to buy parkland now

A beautiful 6-acre Southwest Park in Hoboken is not a dream but a recreational opportunity that must be attained now or will be lost forever. Please contact your elected officials today and tell them the City needs to fulfill its promises now.


Nishant Amin
Christopher Gizzi
Sara Stojkovic

Executive Board, Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition

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