$500,000 for the SW6 Park!

“The Hudson County Division of Planning has notified HSPC that our application submitted to the County Board has been awarded $500,000 towards land acquisition for the SW6 Park.

On behalf of the city of Hoboken, HSPC completed the grant application in March, and gave a presentation to the board in April. The board was inundated with grant requests from 12 municipalities in Hudson County, all competing for a finite amount of distributable funds in what is currently one of the worst economic climates for charitable giving.

What does this mean for Hoboken?

HSPC secured $500k (one of the largest grants given this year) to help start the process of park land acquisition in southwest Hoboken.

This is great progress and HSPC will continue to work with our new Mayor to put other funding mechanisms in place for the SW6 Park.

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